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How much does it cost to buy a CIBT Fake certificate?

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     Where can I buy a fake CIBT certificate and how much does it cost to buy a CIBT certificate? Can I purchase a CIBT certificate online?How To Buy Fake CIBT Certificat?How do I get my CITB certificate?
CIBT fake certificates
(CIBT certificate)

What is CITB?
CITB stands for the Construction Industry Training Board. Their role is to improve the construction sector in the UK by supporting skills development and improving training across the industry. They work closely with the government and the department of education but are ultimately an independent body.As part of this aim, CITB have created some of the key courses across a wide range of positions in the construction industry. Their courses are essential training for the majority of construction workers, especially when it comes to workplace health and safety.
Is CITB the same as CSCS?
CSCS, which stands for Construction Skills Certification Scheme, is the body that issues workers with the certification they need to prove their competency to work. This most is commonly done through issuing workers with CSCS cards. While not a legal requirement, most construction workers will have to hold to correct CSCS card for their job role to be able to get on-site.
CIBT fake certificates
While both are important names in construction health and safety training, CITB and CSCS are two separate organisations. However, the two organisations are linked, for example completing the CITB Health and Safety Awareness course and passing the CITB Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E) test within the past two years will allow learners to apply for a Labourer's Green Card. The HS&E test is a requirement when applying for any CSCS card. 
What is CITB test?
The CSCS test, more commonly known as the CITB Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E) test is an essential part of any construction workers training to ensure they are safe to work on site. Completing this test within the past two years is mandatory when applying for any CSCS card.
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The test is a series of questions relating to their general principles of construction health and safety. Each test gives candidates 45 mins to answer 50 questions to test their understanding of health, safety and environmental issues.There are three types of CITB tests: Operatives, Specialists and Managers & Professionals (MAP). All three tests cover a lot of the same content, but more advanced tests will ask more difficult questions relevant to the role. Specialist tests also offer candidates the option to have questions which are specific to role they are taking on. For example, demolition workers can have questions specifically targeted to their discipline. Please note the New CSCS test for MAP includes new subjects: Mental health, leadership, occupational health governance, behavioural safety, new technologies, and improving legislative compliance. 

What is full meaning of CITB?
The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) is the Sector Skills Council and Industry Training Board for the construction industry. It works with construction companies to improve skills, increase competitive edge and respond to the many challenges employers face.
CIBT fake certificates
What qualifications do I need to work in construction UK?
You're usually requires to have a BS7671 qualification, health & safety certificate, and sometimes an NVQ.
Is CITB hard?
The CITB test is not a difficult test to pass as long as you take the necessary steps to prepare yourself. There are of course different types of the CITB test that can be taken by construction workers. These are reviewed on our blog post titled 'What is the CITB Test?
How do I pass CITB?
The pass mark for the Managers and Professionals test is 90%. To pass, you need to answer at least 45 out of 50 questions correctly. Since the launch of the new CITB HS&E test for Managers and Professionals, we taken onboard feedback received from candidates about the test and the accompanying revision materials.
CIBT City & Guilds NVQ certificate
(CIBT City & Guilds NVQ certificate)
What is CITB test UK?
Types of CITB Health, safety and environment test
Tests for a basic level of health, safety and environmental awareness. This test is required when applying for the Labourer card, the Trainee card, the Apprentice card, most Blue Skilled Worker cards and most Gold Advanced Craft cards.

How do I get my CITB certificate?
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Where can I buy a fake CIBT certificate,how much does it cost to buy a CIBT certificate? Can I purchase a CIBT certificate online?