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What you need to know to buy a fake GCSE certificate

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How can I get my GCSE certificates from years ago?
You can apply for a ‘Certified Statement of Results’, which is an official document that lists the subjects you took, the year they were taken, and the grades you achieved. You can ask for a confirmation letter to be sent to the person/organisation that requested evidence.
Can I find my GCSE results online?
Results will be available online from the official results day via your ResultsPlus Direct account (more information below). If you need a hardcopy of your Statement of Results you can ask for it to be sent by post or ready for collection in person but not earlier than the official results day.
Do I need to keep my GCSE certificates?
Secondary schools are obliged to keep your GCSE certificates for 12 months after they have received them from the exam boards. The certificates are sent from each exam board to the school directly before they are distributed to students.
GCSE FAKE certificates
GCSE Fake certificates
Can you fake GCSE certificates?
Buying a Fake Certificate GCSE or GCE is simple You can buy a fake A level certificate, UK and other UK diplomas and documents with a minimum of fuss by placing an order through our website.
Can you lie about GCSE results?
You cannot lie on your UCAS form, it’s as simple as that. Most schools check their student’s UCAS forms before they are sent off and are required to make sure that all information is true. In addition to this, UCAS themselves will ask for proof of your grades, which, if you cannot provide, will get you caught out.
Can I get fake GCSE certificates?
Buying a Fake Certificate GCSE or GCE is simple Buy a fake certificate here. You can buy a fake A level certificate, UK and other UK diplomas and documents with a minimum of fuss by placing an order through our website.
Do universities check your certificates?
To summarize, universities can check your GCSE and A-Level certificates if this is necessary. Universities are only likely to check your certificates as extra proof if there is doubt about the accuracy of the grades that you have provided on your application.
Can I get my GCSE results from 20 years ago?
Even though you cannot get an actual replacement of your certificates, you will be able to purchase an alternative proof of exam grades, which will be sufficient for employers, and further education institutions. You can also request a letter to be sent to an employer or university as a form of proof of results.
Are GCSE certificates still issued?
Will students still get a certificate for their GCSE results? Yes. All GCSE qualifications will be graded using calculated results this summer, since most exams and assessments in 2020 have been cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions.

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Can I lie about my GCSE results?
In short, yes. CV lies are illegal. When you lie about your employment history, you’re aiming to secure yourself a job and stop other candidates getting that same job, which is illegal. And you can’t claim ignorance of lying either.
Where can I buy fake GCSE certificates?
buyfakediuploma.com = websites fake GCSE certificates, UK. Get your fake AQA GCSE certificates today.
Do universities look at GCSE results?
GCSEs could be used to assess eligibility for a uni course But given recent A-level reforms, universities might use your GCSE grades more than before when deciding whether to accept you or not. Search for a course now to see full entry requirements and everything else you need to know.

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Do employers look at GCSE certificates?
In short, the answer to this question is yes, employers can (and probably will) check your GCSE results, especially if they suspect that you have lied about them to apply for a position with them.
Can you lie about GCSE on CV?
In short, yes. CV lies are illegal. Making changes like inflating your university grades or changing previous job titles may seem small, but they can be classed as ‘fraud by false representation’, which carries a maximum 10-year jail sentence.
Are fake GCSE certificates illegal?
If you’re asking if you should use fake exam certificates, don’t bother. Your college or institution will just search your UCI, and then the qualification that is on your certificate won’t show up on the database. Then they’ll probably reject your application. And, legally speaking, it is fraud.
Can I lie about my grades on UCAS?
No. You’ll probably get found out, and may lose your place. UCAS has a verification team, and most schools and colleges check their students’ applications before they’re sent. Plus, most universities will ask you to bring your certificates to enrolment, and if there are discrepancies, they may refuse to enrol you.

GCSE fake certificates Sample
What is proof of qualification?
The original statement of results, certificate or transcript issued to you by the examination board/awarding institution. or a copy officially verified by them) Or. Notice from the school/college where you took the qualification confirming the qualification and grade achieved.
Will my old school have my GCSE results?
Although your school will no longer have a record of your subjects and achievements, they will be able to tell you which exam boards were used in the year that you took your exams.
How do I collect my GCSE results 2020?
Students can talk to their school or college to get results by email. Emailed GCSE results will be available by 8am. However, some schools and colleges may open to students on Results Day 2020.
GCSE fake certificates Sample

Our Fake Replica Certificates are printed onto 120gsm high quality watermarked card.​
Three different templates to choose from Aqa, Edexcel or OCR 
Different design templates to correspond with the year of your qualification
Hologram featuring the exam board logo (if applicable)
Explanation notes printed on the reverse (corresponding to the year of your qualification)
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Your choice of subjects and grades (including Double Award Subjects and Short Course Subjects if you wish)
We can also provide Statement of Result Certificates (if you had lost your original certificate and applied to the Exam Board for a replacement, you would have been sent a Statement of Results). Photos of the Statement of Result Certificates are below the certificate template photographs.
From 2017, some GCSE grades changed from letters to numbers with new subjects added to the new grading system every year.

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